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Hello. I am Chung Young-ai, Minister of Gender Equality and Family.
Thank you to all those who have visited the 「2021 Korea Gender Equality Forum」 website.
Fulfilment of a gender-equal society is a global trend and a task for our society to move far together. There have been many positive changes due to the efforts of all, but environments have changed and expectations for gender equality have increased. In particular, today’s youth expect to fulfill a gender-equal society in which everyone receives both fair and undifferentiated treatment amid environmental changes such as employment insecurity, inequality at work, safety issues that threaten daily life, and transition to digital society.

In response, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family of Korea is planning to hold the second “Korea Gender Equality Forum (KGEF)” from November 2-3, online. Under the slogan, ‘Gender Equality Paving the Way Towards a Better Future’, we are planning to create a place for men and women to interact freely regarding the subject of achieving gender equality and resolving gender discrimination, and we wish to discuss difficulties young people encounter in the areas of work, safety, digitalization, and the tasks and alternatives needed to bridge the gap in gender equality awareness. This year’s “Korea Gender Equality Forum (KGEF)” will serve as an opportunity to gather wisdom needed in advancing to a gender-equal society with various people from the government, civil society, and academia.

We are hoping 「2021 Korea Gender Equality Forum」 will be an opportunity for youth of the future generation to communicate across borders, generations, genders, and to seek alternatives to achieve a gender-equal society based on the values of fairness, inclusion, equality and respect. We ask for your interest and participation.

Thank you.

Minister of Gender Equality and Family, Chung Young-ai
Minister of Gender Equality and Family, Chung Young-ai