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Nov 2nd (Tue)
  • Keynote Speech
    13:20 ~ 14:00
    The keynote session will be introducing international efforts such as youth participation in gender equality and intergenerational equality, and presenting directions for achieving a gender-equality society based on the values of fairness, inclusion, and mutual respect in the international community and Korea.
  • Session 1
    14:20 ~ 15:40
    Life and Work of the Youth
    Along with unemployment and job insecurity, we are experiencing discrimination and inequality such as gender discrimination in employment and career breaks. In Session 1, we will discuss the difficulties and alternatives youth are facing in the field of work (labor).
  • Session 2
    16:00 ~ 17:20
    Creating a Safe Society
    Young people are facing diverse safety problems such as violence, hatred, sexual harassment, and sex crimes in many parts of their daily lives – work, military, and online spaces, and are demanding active improvement. Session 2 aims to focus on safety issues that threaten the daily lives of young people, causes and alternatives of violence and hatred.
Nov 3rd (Wed)
  • Session 3
    10:00 ~ 11:20
    New Tasks and Gender Equality in a Digital Society
    Globally, COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the routinization of untact culture and digitalization, resulting in problems of the real world such as discrimination and hatred to become reproduced or intensified online. Session 3 will deal with crises, opportunities, and new challenges to achieving a gender-equality society in the digital age.
  • Session 4
    13:00 ~ 14:10
    Exploring Solutions Towards Gender Equality
    Based on the results of the previous sessions on work (labor), safety, and digitalization, youth will participate in Session 4 to seek alternatives to bring about a future gender-equality society.